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Conti Tool and Die has been furnishing the industry for over forty years with tools, dies, work holding devices, and precision machined parts. During the moon program, NASA was by far our largest customer comprising 85% to 90% of our work at that time. We boast of having parts on Voyager I and Voyager II, launched in 1977, which flew by our outer planets, and are still sending back information from deep space.

The experience we have gained working with exotic materials for the space program has given us an edge on most other companies.

In the other areas of our web site, please view the pictures of some of the parts that we have furnished to NASA and other companies. Keep in mind, although they may be unique on their own, samples of our best work could not be duplicated because of the cost of manufacturing. Most parts were "one of a kind" and rarely did we ever make more than ten pieces of a kind.


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